OVO was born out of the dream of living in a house where friends are hosted, and smiles, lives and languages are learned; from the desire to bring to Napoli thousands of new eyes that may multiply its wonders.

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The hands of craftsmen who love and reinvent tradition have brought home what we love in Napoli. Browse the pictures.

In the heart of Naples

We are in the heart of the Old Town, the largest historical center in Europe and UNESCO patrimony, we are surrounded by magnificent churches and historic buildings. With shops, bars and restaurants, the center of Napoli will fill you with history, beauty and real life.

I’m here too

I’m Drago, an italian spinone and I’m so beautiful! I’m the king of hospitality and warm welcoming, but I try to restrain my glee. Strangely, I’m not allowed in the guest rooms and I’m unfairly excluded from breakfast.